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My Favorite Synchs

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This is a list of my favorite synchs.
I would also like to note that these descriptions on how to set up these synchs are not very good. In order to get better results check out the other synch sites from my links page for better instructions.

Dark Side of the Rainbow (Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz) creator unknown
Start the album on the lion's third roar at the beginning of the movie.
2001: A Space Odyssey with Pink Floyd's Echoes, creator unknown
Start the track Echoes from the album Meddle when the screen that says "Jupiter and beyond the Infinite" comes on the screen (23 minutes before the movies ends).
Pink Floyd's Meddle album with Disney's Fantasia
See my Ultimate Meddle Fantasia page <-----!!!!
Show Alice the Wall (Alice in Wonderland with Pink Floyd's album The Wall) creator unknown
Start the album with the first shot of the movie. When disk one ends, pause the movie, and put in disk two and unpause both at the same time. Be sure to skip Comfortably Numb on disk two or the sync will not work. Alice's finger should touch the stream of water when Roger Waters(the singer on the Wall) says "crack" at the beginning of the movie