Clash of the Atom Heart Titans
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The Setup
To do this synch, you need Pink Floyd's album Atom Heart Mother and the movie Clash of the Titans. Start Atom Heart Mother during the black screen after the MGM lion and before the first shot of the movie.

You will need to pause the cd after the 23 minute title track, Atom Heart Mother, ends. After a minute or two restart the album on track 2 (song IF) as Zeus, who is talking from a shield, says "when the day comes." Right as he says "when" start track 2. You will know if you have timed the second part of the synch right if the electronic noises in the second track come in as Perceus puts his invisible helmet upon his own head.

Some things to consider

To fully enjoy this synch, especially the beginning, I recommend that you wear headphones with the volume extremely loud. This will add to the already present POWERFULL feeling of the music with the movie. I also recommend that you watch the movie first to become more familiar with the plot (this will make the second half of the synch more enjoyable). I hope that you like this synch because Atom Heart Mother Synchs are not very easy to come across.