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How I Came Up With this Sync
If you go out and rent this tape, you will know why DSOTM came to my mind. The cartoons are very dark in color and have universal themes (death, time, money, etc.) I also tried this video because I was running out of movies with which to make a sync.

How to Set It Up
Begin DSOTM when the first pink screen appears. You will know if you got it right if the ghosts scatter when the first scream happens on the album.

Some Things to Consider
This tape may be hard to find. This is an animated tape of Casper distributed by Trans-Atlantic Video. The tape contains three cartoons: 1)The Friendly Ghost, 2)There's Good Boo's Tonight, 3)Bimbo's Auto. The cover has Casper hugging a little brown fox. This sync is very good, my girlfriend even liked it.